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Radar detectors, laser jammer, GPS speed camera warning systems for radar, lasers and speed cameras of all kinds are known for many years and are spreading more and more throughout Europe. However, the classic radar detector to be installed at the dashboard has technical limits. Many modern speed measuring methods can no longer be detected, this gives room for doubt. But nevertheless, there are great opportunities to protect yourself against radar and laser speed cameras across Europe with the latest radar detection technology!

The solution are hidden custom-installed and fully fledged radar detectors installed inside your vehicle providing radar detection, laser jammer plus coverage of infrared, sensors and GPS speed cameras. It is advisable to use fully-integrated radar laser detection systems, which combine all important functions. High-end radar warning systems offer maximum discretion, detection range and coverage as well as absolute discretion. The ultimate factor for a correct functionality inside your car, however, is the professional installation – especially if the radar detector shall be installed in premium and high-performance cars!

Buy the right radar detector and laser jammer from your dealer of choice – and benefit from our discretion and experience in the installation of radar detectors, laser jammers and similar speed camera protection equipment! We have been successfully cooperating with many radar detector dealers and manufacturers for more than 10 years. Regardless of where you are purchasing your radar detector and laser jammers, you are welcome to get the equipment installed in our garage!

We professionally and discreetly install your brand new radar detector and / or laser jammer. Individual wishes and preferences will be no problem – read more about our specific offers and contact us for a quote and an appointment – a contact form is available here.